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While accessible Information , Communication and  Technology (ICT) and legal requirements are in great demand,  for many businesses non-technical issues are often the hardest to recognize and address .

Do you understand your business accessibility requirements?

Do you know what your accessibility gaps , needs  and resources are?

Do you need help to operationalize or sustain accessibility and/or regulatory requirements?

does your  business need coaching, help in navigating the complexities of accessibility?

Aequum Global Access can help.

Every successful initiative and endeavor requires planning. For businesses   wanting to become more inclusive and accessibility friendly this could not be truer. From awareness, to training, from integration and implementation to sustainability and governance, accessibility must be carefully and appropriately embedded in the fabric , business culture and behavior.

Understanding where to begin and  how to execute  a well-developed plan that suits your needs and expectations is where Aequum Global Access can help. If you have a small, mid-size or have a large organization, you will find expertise to guide and help you get to your ultimate accessibility goal.