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Around the entire globe, we are seeing increased regulations and policies emerging from many countries to achieve accessibility and equality. There is a growing need for progressive and sustainable change in order to successfully achieve inclusion and prosperity for all.    Whether as a result of a number of domestic regulations such as AODA in Ontario or regulations such as the ADA in the USA or the UNCRPD affecting more than 160 countries, a need to achieve compliance or be a better corporate citizen, the world is taking notice and responding to the needs of the marginalized, the outliers, the underserved and persons with disabilities. A number of global citizenship engagement and movements have gain significant momentum, and are ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are at the forefront of initiatives and matters have a secured place at the negotiation table.

In Ontario, the provincial government enacted a number of accessibility regulations known as the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act (AODA) which require businesses to adopt and demonstrate their commitment to accessibility and achieve an accessible Ontario by 2025.

Reports indicate that in Canada alone more than $26 billion dollars   of   disposal income remains untapped due to inaccessibility of services and goods.  The world bank estimates that by 2020 that more than $1.4 trillion dollars is available across the globe for corporations wishing to ensure they are   inclusive and accessible. On the workforce, more than 48% of employable persons with disabilities remain unemployed despite competitive skills and long standing work ethics and loyalty.

To be successful businesses must:

  1. Be Aware of what the issues/gaps are
  2. Acknowledge and accept that there are gaps and we can do a better job at addressing people’s needs
  3. Take accountability and commit to all becoming agents of change
  4. Take positive and sustained actions to achieve accessibility and inclusion for all

Aequum Global access can help.  Do you  need help to assess your  accessibility position,  address any gaps and help your organization navigate through those regulations that affect you. Aequum Global Access  can help you better understand what is required and needs to be implemented and become  a business or an employer of choice, achieve compliance and increase your market value by being inclusive of all clients and employees.

Together we can make a difference.